Our adventure took off in 2013 in Barcelona when Swiss born Mélanie Mor, with a career background in the HR and global mobility sectors, decided to launch services on her own. She soon joined forces with friend and former colleague Mele Cestero, a fully bilingual U.S. expat based in Barcelona for more than 11 years.

Mele brought in vast experience in the communication and public relations fields and had already earned a solid track record as a freelance relocation advisor in Barcelona.

In charge of M&M Relocation since 2015, Mele has hand-picked a team of only highly qualified, dedicated consultants to provide expert relocation service to a growing number of clients.

We share one common passion: help people settle in quickly and worry-free, guiding them through the process as if they were our friends. This means enabling them to start enjoying the benefits of this new international experience, ASAP. All within the assigned budget and timeline and with maximum transparency.


We enable relocating clients to mind their work and personal life, while expediting the administrative and home-finding process, a major cause for concern when moving to a new place.
Our team thrives to dispel the typical fears and questions about the move before our clients arrive. We create a step by step program, under a timeline and budget, addressing their expectations, needs and housing wish lists.

We design services to fit different budgets and requirements, unlike larger relocation providers that may have fixed global fees or set packages. We try to avoid burdensome tracking software, which can sometimes turn the transferee into one more number, overlooking the HUMAN aspects and specific circumstances of the individual.

We’ve identified a number of qualified local providers and vendors, which we recommend with complete impartiality. Just our positive experience with their service and the will to save our clients’ time and money.


Find out why we can become your welcome team as you plan your move to Barcelona…


    Each one of us has gone through the process of starting life in a new country or city. We understand the challenges faced by human resources managers, financial directors and the transferees themselves.


    Fluent in English, Spanish, French, German, Greek and Catalan, and always curious about learning new ones!


    Genuinely committed to delivering quality service with maximum discretion.


    Not only of the city, but of the changing trends and news affecting the real estate market, business practices and social aspects.


    By listening, searching, asking, we look for the best solutions and are backed by a solid network of local contacts to help expedite the process.


    A tried and tested network of providers to help address our client needs.

  • FUN

    We like what we do and we enjoy every aspect of the relocation business. Being proactive and keeping a good sense of humor makes things much easier!


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