Our relocation services focus on the wellbeing of the transferee/family and the compliance of the company requirements. Continuous support throughout the entire assignment ensures a satisfied customer and a productive employee.

  • MM Relocation - Orientation


    That first contact and impressions of the new environment play a major role in the eventual move and settling in process. Our pre-arrival and on-site orientation service offers valuable insight and a realistic perspective, which we can adjust to address the client’s main concerns.

    • Practical aspects of daily life in Barcelona
    • Introduction to the local real estate market, rental terms and practices
    • Housing samples based on client budget and criteria
    • Schools overview
    • Cultural awareness guidance
  • MM Relocation - Administrative and Work Permits

    Administrative Process

    Relief and appreciation are frequent words we hear from our clients as we help them sort the sometimes tedious, bureaucratic paperwork required to start life and work in a new country.

    • Work and residence permits and renewals through local legal experts
    • Town Hall registration
    • Health care registration
    • Consulate registration
    • NIE (Foreign Identity Number)
    • Social Security registration
    • Contacts to expedite legalization and translation of documents
    • Registration in the public health system
  • MM Relocation - Temporary accommodation

    Temporary Housing

    Whether a short-term relocation or a long-term assignment, temporary accommodation is required to house the assignee/client in the initial stages of the relocation.

    Our contact with quality rental agencies will ensure clients are welcome and enjoy a satisfactory stay. Serviced apartments of all sizes and styles are available in different districts of the city and surrounding areas.

    • Presentation of different options based on budget/needs
    • Negotiation of rates
    • Booking of temporary housing, extensions
  • MM Relocation - Home search & Settling in

    Home search & Settling in

    Homefinding packages are designed based on budget, number of viewings, timeline, areas, and work schedule. Plus, we always try to tick all the boxes in each client’s housing wish list!

    • Provision of local area maps/guides and city transport options
    • Tour of the main city areas
    • Accompanied visits to properties and nearby areas
    • Interpretation of rental terms
    • Support during lease negotiation and signing day
    • Entry inspection/inventory
    • Banking options and support setting up account
    • Sorting connection and billing changes for utilities
    • Lease termination support
  • MM Relocation - School search

    School search

    A major area of concern for parents, finding the right school for a child will have a monumental impact in the overall success of a family relocation. We simplify the search by compiling updated information, verifying recommendations, and prioritising options so that clients can make an informed decision.

    • Explanation of the educational system
    • Presentation of different options (international, private, semi-private and public)
    • Accompanied visits to pre-selected schools, if needed
    • Coordination of appointments/interviews and assistance with school registration
  • MM Relocation - Additional Support

    Additional Support

    After the settling in stage, once again we become an important source of information as the transferee takes the first steps into expat life…as tenant or new owner, official resident and member of the local community.

    • Assistance with private liability, home and car insurance
    • Moving day support/information
    • ITP (Property Transmission Tax) assessment
    • Driver’s license and car registration
    • Car purchase/lease assistance contacts
    • Contacts with professional networks, fitness clubs, home services, language courses, shopping tips
    • Telephone support
    • Cultural training and spouse support programmes

Each move is unique, which is why we take into account your specific needs and individual requirements to design a customized programme.


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