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  • MM Relocation - Mele Cestero

    Mele Cestero Manager

    Life is a book in progress. Moments, lessons, characters. Having worked as a copywriter, PR specialist and translator prepared me to approach the relocation business with a fresh outlook and editorial wisdom. Coming from sunny Puerto Rico, having studied in the US, moving to Barcelona, traveling around Europe and US, and being married to a French national are all ingredients in my story. I thrive on meeting widely different people and situations.

    Barcelona is a colourful canvas that I present and explain to relocation clients as they embrace their new journey here. Interpreting the local culture, the ins and outs of the city and the real estate market is only part of the job. Truly listening to the clients and finding solutions to match their needs is what counts. That’s why we try to build a positive experience for the newcomers from day one. We lay out the groundwork so that they can start living their own exciting chapter in Barcelona.

  • MM Relocation - Melissa Torrado Bligh

    Melissa Torrado Bligh

    I was born in Barcelona to a Spanish father and English mother. Educated in the United Kingdom, I returned to Spain after finishing my degree in Middle Eastern Studies at Manchester University. I speak several languages, fully bilingual in English, Spanish and Catalan.

    After embracing the opportunity to live in Jordan for one year, between school and University, I later spent a year in Switzerland due to a work transfer.

    I love being a Relocation Consultant and feel that my own experience allows me to better help and understand my client’s needs.

  • MM Relocation - Mirian Arispe

    Mirian Arispe

    I come from the hotel and tourism industry, and have always enjoyed dealing with people. Lima, Maracaibo, Caracas, Stuttgart, Munich, and Madrid are some of the cities I lived and worked in before settling down in Barcelona, my home for the past 20 years.

    This incredible diversity allows me to understand the needs of those moving to a new place. It is a pleasure for me being able to help people relocate here. My goal is that they feel Barcelona, always cosmopolitan and fascinating, as their new home. Welcome.

  • Our principal team is backed by a group of expert relocation consultants, tax & legal advisors and real estate specialists, ready to address the requirements and questions of each client.


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